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School Uniform

Basic Uniform

Blazer - Black with school crest.
White shirt - Plain white long or short sleeved with a top button and stiffened collar capable of taking a tie.
Tie - Whitby tie in their appropriate House colour.
Trousers - Tailored, black with a waistband and zip. The trousers must be of normal length, without a belt or decorations. Tight fitting, combat, low-cut, jeans or 'jeans style' trousers are not acceptable.
Skirt - Trutex stitch down pleat skirt in grey check.
Socks/tights - Black socks or black tights.
Shoes - Black leather style. low heeled, enclosed at the heel and toe. No boots or trainer styles, canvas pumps or logos. Converse shoes are not acceptable.

Other Items

Outdoor Coat- A dark outdoor coat to be worn in cold, wet weather over the blazer (must be removed when inside the school building). We advise that these are of minimal cost. Non-uniform sweatshirts or hoodies are not acceptable and are not permitted to be worn on the school site.
School bag (compulsory)- Waterproof and of appropriate shape and size to carry A4 books/folders. Small handbags are not permitted.
Religious Headwear (optional)- Plain black, navy or white.
Hair- Should be of natural colour. No lines or extreme styles are permitted.
Jewellery- One pair of plain studs in the earlobes only. One ring and one watch (not smart watch) are permitted. Hoops, tunnels, stretchers, necklaces, tongue/nose piercings and bracelets are not allowed to be worn. All jewellery must be removed for every PE lesson.
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