School Uniform

The school has very high standards of uniform. Please see the table below for guidance. It is vital that parents/carers work with the school to maintain these high standards. If unsure about uniform, please contact the relevant House at school. This will help to avoid expensive mistakes.

Please pay special attention to the rules about shoes and hair. Fashions change all of the time and this can cause grey areas to materialise. Avoid buying ‘hybrid’ or trainer-type shoes – shoes must be smart. Keep to natural colour with hair and ensure it is a grade 2 or above at the back and sides or a grade 3 or above all over. If in doubt, seek advice or delay purchases.

 What's AllowedWhat's Not Allowed
Common uniform items for boys and girls
Plain white long or short-sleeved shirt or blouse

Blazers are compulsory and must be black with the school badge

Trousers- must be school style and black or mid-grey

Ties- compulsory and must be of appropriate length

Plain navy blue or black cardigan or v-neck pullover (optional)
Fashion shirts or those with emblems on

Blazer sleeves rolled up, no tailored or fashion jackets

Fashion trousers, jeans, cords, tracksuit bottoms or leggings

Ties worn short or inappropriately (e.g. with no school badge visible)

Fashion cardigans or pullovers, crew neck pullovers, sweatshirts or emblems on clothing
Girls’ uniform
Skirts must be pleated, plain, mid- grey and of knee length

Tights and ankle/knee-high socks must be plain white, grey, black or navy
Fashion skirts, e.g. those made from cord, denim, canvas or knitted materials, or short skirts (skirts must not be rolled up)

No brightly-coloured socks

No bows or ribbons on socks

No patterned tights or leg warmers
HairConventional style and cut

Natural colours only

Number 3 or above in length

Clean and neat

Simple bobble to tie hair back
Hair below a grade 3 anywhere on the head
Patterns, wedges or partings shaved into the head

Extreme styles
Coloured hair- including highlights, streaks, red or jet-black colouring and bleaching

Hair decorations


Beading and coloured hair wraps or bright/large bands, clips or bows
Jewellery & MakeupSubtle makeup (school judgement)

A pair of small stud earrings worn in the lower lobe- plain style (maximum one per ear)

Heavy makeup

Nail varnish or false nails (including gel nails)

Fake tan

Multiple piercing's

More than one earring in each ear

Earrings anywhere else but the lobe

Coloured earrings/dangly or hoop earrings

Nose studs or piercing's in other parts of the
body, e.g. the neck, tongue and belly button


Bangles and wristbands

Smart watches
FootwearBlack shoes only

Flat shoes

No trainers/hybrid shoes/walking boot styles/heavy duty boots ‘Ugg’ style boots

Plimsoll style or canvas shoes
Outdoor Coats / HatsCoats plain - dark colour

Dark-coloured fleece

Plain woollen hat in the winter
Hoodies/sweatshirts/tracksuit tops/denim jackets

Brightly-coloured coats or jackets

Baseball caps