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At The Whitby High School we appreciate the vast developments in technologies which allow students to study and communicate via the internet. However, it is vitally important that we educate our students in the risks associated with internet use, and the steps that must be taken in order to surf the web, play online games, enjoy social media, and communicate with others safely.

This page features curated content approved by the school, including online guides, fact sheets and school policies. If you have any questions or concerns about E-safety, cyber crime, cyber bullying, or other related issues, please contact us.

Popular Apps

TikTok (13+)

TikTok (formerly called Musical.ly) is a social media platform that lets you create, share and discover 60 second videos. You can use music and effects to enhance your videos and you can also browse other people’s videos and interact with them.

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Snapchat (13+)

The Snapchat app lets you send photos, short videos or messages to your friends. Pictures and videos, known as Snaps, usually appear temporarily before disappearing, though they can be captured via screenshots. The Stories feature lets you share Snaps in a sequence for up to 24 hours. Using the Discover screen lets you watch Stories from friends, celebrities and brands.

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Instagram (13+)

Instagram is a picture and video sharing app. Users can post content on their profile grid or to their stories, which last 24 hours. You can follow your friends, family, celebrities and companies on Instagram. Instagram also has a live streaming feature.

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Facebook (13+)

Facebook is a social network which lets you create a page about yourself. You can add friends, write on people’s pages, join groups, share photos and videos, and play games. Facebook Live lets you broadcast live videos of yourself using the mobile app. Messenger allows you to instant message in group chats or one to one, using text, audio, photos or videos. It also lets you share your live location with friends.


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SECRET CONVERSATIONS using Facebook Messenger

Popular Games

Fortnite (12+)

Fortnite is a popular survival action game where up to 100 live players can fight each other to be the last one standing. The game includes heavy violence but with little blood or gore. You can talk to other players using public, private and voice chat.


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Roblox (7+)

Roblox is an online game and app where you can create your own games or play games that other users have made. Some ‘user-created’ games may feature violent or disturbing themes, so guidance maybe required. There’s also the option to chat to other players, which is open by default, but you can change this to private or friends only.


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Advice on In-game Chat

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