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Type of award






150 House Points

·        Certificate signed by tutor and House Progress Manager

·       Presentation in form time by the tutor



200 House Points


·        Certificate signed by House Progress Manager and SLT Line-Manager

·        Presentation in assembly or form time




300 House Points

·        Certificate signed by House Progress Manager and Deputy Headteacher

·        Presentation in House assembly

·        Name in newsletter

·        A range of prizes – see separate brochure



400 House Points

·        Certificate signed by House Progress Manager and Headteacher

·        Presentation in assembly by Headteacher

·        Name and picture in newsletter (optional)

·        Letter home signed by Headteacher

·        Entry into prize draw to win a significant prize (to be announced yearly)


The main reward type is a ‘House Point’

·        All students start the year with 100 House Points

·        Students can exchange their points at each stage for a reward

·        Totals start again every year and are not carried over

Achievement Mornings

Every week, form tutors will look at the performance of students in their tutor group.

Extra House Points should be awarded for the following:

·       100% attendance – 2 House Points

·        100% punctuality – 2 House Points

·        An additional discretionary House Point for those students tutors feel are making good progress overall (tutors should check the ‘Attitude to Learning’ scores in SIMs)

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