Mental Health & Wellbeing

At The Whitby High School, we aim to support each student with their emotional health and wellbeing. This includes promoting positive mental health. As a staff body we approach this in various ways, including through our pastoral support system, tutorial programmes and PSHCE lessons. We know the benefits of positive mental health and research has shown that children and young people with good mental health:

  • Do better at school
  • Develop good relationships with friends and family
  • Learn and play appropriately for their age and understanding
  • Develop a sense of right and wrong. Learn from their experiences. Have the confidence to try new things
  • Develop resilience to face life challenges

A child with good mental health when they’re young is much more likely to have good mental health as an adult

For any student who may be experiencing poor mental health we have pastoral staff who are available to listen, offer advice, mentor or signpost parents/students to agencies who can offer guidance.

If you are in any way concerned for your child and would like more information, please see the sections specifically relating to those conditions most common to secondary school aged children and young adults. You will find information on the condition, what signs to look out for at home and links to agencies offering support.

Helpful Resources

School Drop In

Monday – School Health in J5

Tuesday  – Rainbow – LGBT+ Open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans students, and allies in H4   

Wednesday – Wellbeing in Mrs K Hill’s office