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Ancient History

The intent of GCSE Ancient History at Whitby is to inspire and enable students to learn about the history of ancient societies in their wider context in the ancient world. Students will learn a broadly chronological narrative of the Persian Empire, early Rome from kingship to Republic, and the reigns of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. Students will learn Ancient History using a wide range of historical concepts such as change and continuity, similarity and difference, cause and consequence and significance so that they are not only able to form opinions about the distant past, but also about the ancient historians who wrote about it.  The course will empower students to deepen their understanding of the events, people and periods studied and enable them to think critically, weigh evidence including literary and material sources, sift arguments, make informed decisions and develop perspective and judgement.

The knowledge and the skills developed will also help them to understand the legacy of the ancient world, and provide them with the basis for further study.

Topic Overviews

Content may vary slightly but fundamental aspects of each topic are as below. Curriculum plans are renewed and amended annually. 

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Year 10

Year 11

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