The History Department at The Whitby High School intends to inspire the curiosity of its students and to ensure that they know and understand the history of the UK and its place in the world. Students will learn a broadly chronological narrative of England and Great Britain and the way in which events and people have shaped that history and the present day. Students will learn this history through a wide range of historical concepts such as change and continuity, similarity and difference, cause and consequence and significance so that they are able to form opinions about the past, but also about the people who write about history.

Crucially, students will learn the role and value of evidence and the importance of making supported judgements in their studies. By the end of their studies, students will be able to detect the motivation, bias, value, validity and aims of those writing about events as they happened and the interpretation of those events at a later date.

Content may vary slightly but fundamental aspects of each topic are as below. Curriculum plans are renewed and amended annually. 

Subject Pathway

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