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Ethics & Philosophy

The Ethics & Philosophy Department at Whitby intends to provide students with the exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of world religions and thematic studies by exploring a wide range of different beliefs, teachings and practices. We live in a multicultural global society and the need for this subject has never been more crucial. By learning about other people’s religious, cultural and traditional views it can help challenge misconceptions and prejudices. There are also opportunities to learn about non-religious views, including that of Humanists. It develops tolerance and appreciation for other people’s views which essentially help students to become well rounded individuals, not just in school, but in wider society. Ethics & Philosophy is very much a contemporary subject as the world is continuously affected by religion and belief. The development of skills and understanding of world religions can prepare students for the world of work as it concerns many career paths such as politics, medicine, health and social care, law and journalism.

Content may vary slightly but fundamental aspects of each topic are as below. Curriculum plans are renewed and amended annually. 

Subject Pathway

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