Curriculum Support & Enrichment

Our library is open to each year group on a day after school and students can complete homework and also use our IT facilities to help with their learning. 

Current enrichment offer

Subjects covered would include understanding the science of ‘how the Earth works’: its structure, evolution and dynamics, and its mineral and energy resources. In addition, studies on why the earth is vital to the future quality of life and prosperity of the world’s population.

Students would develop knowledge and understanding of rock types, geological structures, geochronology, the rock cycle and plate tectonics as the key ideas of geology.

Topics would include, Minerals, rocks and fossils, major concepts for understanding the Earths formation and history, and comparison of the Earth with other planetary bodies in the Solar System. Sessions would be both theory and practical based.

Where: D7
Year group: Yr 8
Staff: J.Platt

This club is for students who are currently doing cookery on the curriculum, initially. Students who have a passion for cooking, can also select this and we will look to develop this over each term. We will also be setting some home cooking challenges for students to trial at home, learning essential life skills and budgeting. Look out for these challenges and share your creations.

We will provide all the ingredients for the club, so that pupils will not need to bring anything into school and will ask the pupils to bring £1 each week to cover this cost. 

Where: B4/B5


Dodgeball is a fun, fast paced sport that anyone can play.  Two teams try to eliminate opposing players from the game by hitting them with soft balls or making successful catches.


Badminton is a sport that you can get into quickly and easily.  It can be played at a variety of levels, and at the pace you choose – you can play for fun and that is perfectly ok!

Table Tennis

Anyone can play table tennis and it’s a great game to start playing at any age. Players with less physical strength can compete equally with players in peak physical condition, but for the competitive players, it’s also a fantastic way to keep fit.

Just Dance

Just Dance is a rhythm/dancing game for various consoles. Usually, the game tracks your own dance moves and provides a score based on how well you mimic the onscreen dancers. However, we project the video on a large screen and everybody just joins in for fun – so there’s no need to be competitive – just turn up and get moving! 

Football (Lunchtime)

This is just a fun-based football session, so players of any ability can turn up.  Students usually organise themselves into groups they are comfortable with, or the supervising member of staff can help you join in with a group.

GCSE Dance

This club is dedicated to those students studying the GCSE Dance course.  Our dedicated Dance specialist, Mrs Witcher, will provide all the additional support you need to reach your full potential.

BTEC Sport Coursework Support

Those students in Year 11 who require some additional support to complete their coursework will find all the help they need at this after school session.

Philosophy is all about the love of wisdom. It is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. If you enjoy asking, exploring, discussing and searching for the truth in the BIG questions of life then this is the club for you!

Students will develop the important skill of evaluation as they take part verbally in philosophical enquiries. Students will build on their ability to rationalise and create reasonable dialogue about topics that matter to them. The aim of the session is to put forward arguments and values before reaching a conclusion which all participants have contributed towards.

Students ultimately may be able to become more confident public speakers, develop the skill of evaluating and justification and essentially become critical thinkers. It is also a sociable experience were you can be amongst like-minded people.

Year 9 only

Miss E Burke


Where: E5

What: We’ll be showing two films – the first film will be ‘Rio’, a German film from the makers of Ice Age, and the second film will be ‘Le Petit Nicholas’, a French classic. Popcorn is provided! J Everyone is welcome, regardless of which language you study. Sign up quickly to avoid disappointment! (Maximum 25 per week)

See you there/bis bald/à bientôt!

Madame Hill et Madame Barker

Keyboard enrichment is a great opportunity for students to develop their performance skills. Students will develop their note and rhythm reading skills through performing popular songs and themes as both a soloist and as part of an ensemble.

Where: B2

Year group: Year 8

Staff: Ms Goode

Eco Club aims to allow students to develop skills of leadership and decision making, raise environmental awareness and improve the school environment.

The focus of the club will be decided by the students and could include areas such as improving biodiversity around the school site, reducing energy use, promoting sustainable transport options or improving litter and waste recycling.

If you are interested in the environment and want to make a real difference, then the Eco Club is perfect for you.

Year Group: 7

Where: E1

Staff: Mr Bennell

This club is specifically for invited Year 11s interested in being creative and thinking outside of the box. Whether it’s sleuthing through a mystery, delving through forgotten ruins, tramping through sewers, or battling everything from the undead and goblins to eldritch aberrations or Beholders.

Just bring yourselves as dice will be included and the character sheets will be printed out for you once characters have been sorted.

Very limited space owing to preventative measures so the DM doesn’t spontaneously combust.

Where: K9

Who: Year 11

Staff: H Freeman

Come along and use the computers to research or complete work. Students can also play Minecraft in a calm environment.

Rainbow club is a lunch time club for LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning) pupils and allies.

It is a safe space where pupils can meet and make friends, freely ask questions and take part in fun activities.  In the past pupils have taken part in: rainbow cake making and cake sales, nail paining and face glitter, badge making and debates.

With the help of pupils in rainbow club, the school has achieved The Rainbow Flag Award which “focuses on positive LGBT+, inclusion and visibility.

Tuesday KS3

Wednesday Year 11

Thursday Year 10

All lunchtimes.

By appointment only.  Please see Miss K Hill or Ms S Robinson to book your place.

These activities are only to support students undertaking GCSE and A Level courses. Priority is given to the examination years – Y11 and Y13.

We have a dedicated photography studio and an adjacent ICT suite which can be used after school each evening of the week by arrangement and/or invitation. Time slots are negotiated with the staff who are in school on any particular day.

We use a booking request system to ensure we can limit numbers and maintain social distancing at all times. Students are encouraged to plan their potential times in advance as we use a first come – first served booking system.

Tuesday and Wednesday time slots can be between 3:15pm and 7:15pm by arrangement. All other days are from 3:15pm until around 4:15pm by negotiation with the supporting teacher.

Students staying after school are expected to have notified their parents once their place has been confirmed by a teacher – they cannot just arrive and expect to be allowed to work. They also need to ensure that they have made suitable arrangements for leaving school, or being collected, at the end of the session.

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