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Curriculum Support & Enrichment

Pace enrichment

At The Whitby High School, we believe enrichment is a fantastic way to increase students’ enjoyment of school life and create an inclusive, community spirit within the school.

Our Enrichment programme is also designed to engage students in the wider community and teach important life-skills.  Now more than ever, a thriving enrichment programme is an essential part of promoting employability, academic attainment and teaching young people the skills they need to make good choices.

Enrichment is many things that students can choose to do beyond their academic pursuits and the normal requirements of their life in school. Developing students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural strengths will allow them to succeed in education, work and society.

At The Whitby High School, we have developed a varied enrichment scheme that allows and recognises the many activities our students can get involved in.  The three core areas we work under are work-related learning, community participation, and personal development. Examples within these areas include any voluntary work, activities such as sport, arts and music, charity work, community partnerships and work experience. These are embedded within our PACE PLEDGES

At The Whitby High School, students are expected to do plenty of enrichment as they work towards the Pledges set out in our PACE values. We give students the freedom to undertake their own enrichment activities and find an extra-curricular pursuit that they are most interested in. We are constantly making links with providers in the community and looking to grow our programme.

Current enrichment offer

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