English prepares young people to succeed and opens the door to the whole school curriculum. English is the world. Everything you see, read, hear, and say is art and poetry. The study of English prepares students to understand concepts of the world around us. It gives the ability to question and to care about their place in the world. English is the most important subject because it helps us to develop our own thinking, empowering us to learn more about ourselves and therefore be able to journey to, or even create, different worlds where anything is possible and tolerance, understanding and empathy guide life choices. English allows us all to speculate about the future and to relive the past. English allows students to think and communicate perceptively, to use language purposefully.  Learning is important because it should become an unquenchable thirst. If you want to stop learning, you want to stop growing.

The ability to be literate is a fundamental human right; the love of Literature and one’s own language is what we strive to instil in our students via passionate, knowledgeable and challenging teaching.  English can take students to a million places; new worlds, older times and future dreams. The ability to love and enjoy with the written word is more than a functional skill; it is a passion for an art form that can unlock independence of thought and ideas in all students allowing them to achieve their potential.

It is our intention to expose students to the vast array of literature, in many forms and genres, to prepare students to achieve in the world; with the life skills needed to enjoy their place in our modern world. Students of English learn independence of thought; clarity of thinking; the ability to be open minded and see the viewpoints of others. Students of English are also students of history, geography, philosophy, sociology, theology amongst many others  and we aspire to create rounded thinkers; evaluative minds and a hunger for learning for a lifetime.  Our curriculum is broad, balanced, challenging and fast paced. We aim to equip students with all the skills they need to achieve potential in national assessments; to be highly employable and dedicated lifelong learners and most importantly of all, to be fully equipped to understand and express their personalities, to shape their own futures.

Content may vary slightly but fundamental aspects of each topic are as below. Curriculum plans are renewed and amended annually. 

Subject Pathway