The Art department strives to ensure all students across the department achieve their potential and develop their passion for The Arts through the provision of a stimulating environment and a structured curriculum in which each student can excel. We will continue to build a department that ensures all students are provided with a range of skills to use as a means of expressing and communicating their ideas, giving form to their experiences. We will encourage in all students an independence of thought with a critical and aesthetic awareness, providing students with an appreciation and understanding of a wide variety of genres and styles from other times, places and peoples. We will ensure that the department supports, encourages and extends the educational experiences creating independent, individual unique artists who are ready to express their ideas further.

As a department we will set academic aspirational targets. We will reflect local and regional employment opportunities. We will broaden students’ horizons through an extensive programme of intentional links

Content may vary slightly but fundamental aspects of each topic are as below. Curriculum plans are renewed and amended annually. 

Subject Pathway

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