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The Whitby High School strives to ensure that all students, irrespective of their starting points, achieve their full potential whilst at school. We will achieve this by challenging and supporting students of all abilities in all aspects of their studies and extra-curricular activities. We aim, not only to develop academic, sporting and practical skills but also to actively develop character. Opportunities to develop Leadership, communication skills, resilience etc. will be built into our curriculum.

Our curriculum is carefully mapped and sequenced in each subject area to ensure that leaning is maximised. Each subject has its own signature pedagogy which describes how teaching is approached. Strategies are routinely deployed to ensure that students know more and remember more.

Our curriculum recognises our local context and will develop knowledge and skills which have currency at a local, national and international level, reflecting British values. Our curriculum seeks to:

  • Set high academic aspirations
  • Reflect local and regional employment opportunities
  • Broaden horizons through an extensive programme of international links.

The school continues to implement the National Curriculum as it has developed since its initial introduction in September 1989.  We intend to continue to deliver the modifications as they arise in KS3 and KS4.


Teaching in each subject area is based upon the Department’s Signature Pedagogy and this is updated at least annually to ensure that it reflects best practice. Rigorous self review processes are in place to ensure that each department’s Signature Pedagogy is being used consistently.

The Whitby High School is committed to every student achieving their potential and as such will continue to offer a range of academic and vocational courses at Key Stage Four and Five.


The impact of the curriculum is formally assessed through the following processes:

  • Annual reviews by the Headteacher and Curriculum Deputy Headteacher plus individual subject leaders.
  • A rigorous self review model which includes work scrutiny, student voice, Learning Walks and external reviews.
  • Discussion of curriculum and results at the Governor’s Student learning and wellbeing committee meeting.
  • Annual review of the curriculum by the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher curriculum.
  • Bi-annual full curriculum review by extended senior leadership team.
  • Annual review of curriculum interventions by Raising Standards Team.
Parents/carers or other members of the public can find out more about our curriculum by contacting the school directly via email at teachingandlearning@whitbyhs.sch.uk.

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