Our extensive curriculum is broad, ambitious and balanced, giving all students the opportunity to develop their potential.  Our subject teams have dedicated significant time to carefully considering the ‘powerful knowledge’ in their areas, the sequence in which this should be taught and designed their curriculum plans to support students to connect their knowledge in order to firmly embed their learning. A wide range of learning and teaching strategies is used to involve students actively in the learning process. Progress is carefully assessed and monitored.

Each subject area has mapped out their curriculum over time.  The curriculum maps can be found on each subject’s page.  You will also find ‘topic overview’ sheets for each topic taught.  These are designed to give the context to each topic, connecting it to students’ prior learning and what comes next.  You will also find details about the key learning in each topic as well as important vocabulary.  We encourage you to use these sheets with your child.  You could: talk to them about what they are learning and how this connects to what they already know; use them as revision checklists before an assessment, or support them with learning and using the key vocabulary at home.

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