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International Links

We have always promoted and valued an International dimension in the curriculum at The Whitby High School in order to enrich the learning experience of students, recognising that by developing the International dimension across the school will open up opportunities for students and enable them to feel part of a world society.

We want all students to feel comfortable with and to respect people and cultures different to their own. Our students should be able to confidently and competently communicate and empathise with people from other countries and cultures and to understand their way of life and attitudes without prejudice and misconception.

Through our International Links Programme and curriculum, we aim for our students to:

  • raise awareness and appreciation of other cultures and what is happening in the world
  • know more about countries, cultures and languages other than our own
  • understand that decisions and actions taken individually and locally
  • have an impact globally
  • celebrate the rich and diverse heritage represented both in our school and in local and national communities and to value and respect different
  • cultures and beliefs
  • develop links with schools in other countries
  • work on agreed projects with colleagues in other schools
  • welcome to our school teachers and students from other countries
  • encourage interest and motivation through the teaching of themes with
  • links to other countries and cultures
  • promote communication through writing letters and emails to students abroad;
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