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Extended Project Qualification

EPQ anyone?

Dare to distinguish yourself amongst your peers?

Dare to challenge yourself academically? 

Dare to learn to research, create, craft and present?

If you are interested in standing out from the crowd, in striving for that extra achievement and in developing your knowledge and expertise in your chosen subject, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) might be for you!

Carried out over the course of this academic year, the EPQ is the equivalent of half an A Level and will count for UP TO 70 POINTS on your UCAS application. Additionally, completing the EPQ will give you an introduction to the art of research and dissertations, important university foci. Furthermore, you may just find yourself inspired with your study–something to discuss on your UCAS personal statement. And lastly, it may just be fun! Learning more about what you love is always inspiring. 

If you’re interested, feel free to watch the short video below which shows me talking through the brochure–definitely not my most inspiring talk, I do warn you. However, as a teacher who’s taught students around the world, from the poorest to the richest, I will add that this type of dissertation is highly valued in a range of settings. Done well, this can really evolve your education, your interests and your maturity as a student and scholar.

Happy studying!


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