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Enterprise Key Stage 4

The Enterprise department at The Whitby High School aims to equip students with the skills and mindsets they need to navigate a world of work we can’t yet envisage.. Through challenging and engaging projects, students will learn essential knowledge and understanding of enterprise and marketing concepts. They will develop the skills to design a business proposal to meet a specific business challenge. Students will develop this to create a brand identity and promotional plan for their specific business product proposal.

To enable students to gain the skills and confidence to either start their own business or work within existing business which can have a positive impact of the local labour market and economy.

The schema can equip students with an entrepreneurial mindset, which can lead to greater involvement and engagement across core studies. Learning can be more enjoyable when embedded in real-life examples and when individuals are given the opportunity to take ownership of their own success.

Throughout the course activities, learners can gain key entrepreneurial skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, risk-taking and teamwork. Entrepreneurship can offer alternative pathways for young people, improving their skills, employability and life chances, while supporting wider economic and social development.

The schema aims to educate and outline the dangers of the internet and associated web based applications and makes pupils aware of the risks associated with internet usage, gaming and social media.

The course allows students to develop against the Gatsby Benchmarks, not only in the classroom but also through the introduction of the National Enterprise Challenge.

Finally it equips pupils with the skills and confidence needed to pursue Business, Economics, ICT or Media, Maths and English in the future. 


Topic Overviews

Content may vary slightly but fundamental aspects of each topic are as below. Curriculum plans are renewed and amended annually. 

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