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What can you study?

Current Year 12 Options

Below are the options blocks for Y12 2021/22.  Students will study three subjects for two years.  They can choose one subject from any one block.  There is some entry guidance with each subject.  The usual entry pattern into Y12 is a base of 4+ in GCSE English and Maths alongside additional requirements for each subject.  Students will be entered for a resit GCSE English or Maths if they just miss their 4.

All of our courses are Level 3 – this means that they are either A’ Level or equivalent.  Subjects prefixed with ‘L3’ are now known as Applied General subjects.  These are more coursework and skills-based with a small examined component.  Universities and employers readily accept all of the qualifications on offer, all carry UCAS points for university applications.   As a guide – a Distinction* in a L3 course carries the same number of UCAS points as an A* at A’ Level. 

Students can choose to study a full A’ level, full L3 or a combination programme.  They should choose what they enjoy and will succeed in, as well as keeping in mind the subjects that they need for specific ambitions.  There is some really useful information here https://university.which.co.uk/advice/a-level-choices

The subjects offered below are offered on the basis of sufficient numbers of students opting.  Courses may not run if numbers are too low.

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