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Inclusion Department

Study & Reflection Centre

This is used to deal with immediate issues in school and for offences such as defiance, as an alternative to a fixed-term exclusion.


This is run by Mrs Igoe and is used as an alternative or in addition to a fixed-term exclusion. This room gives us the capacity to work with students and identify causes of challenging behaviour and put tailored programmes in place to support them.

Student Support Centre

Mrs Burgess manages the Student Support Centre, a provision that students can access, which provides support for a wide range of needs. 

The table below explains how the school’s Inclusion Department and Study Support Centre function. These rooms are key in supporting students with a range of needs.

RoomReason for ReferralReferred by
Isolation Room (to 3.30)

Core purpose: To act as a ‘holding room’ for serious incidents and deterrent to bad behaviour.

Maximum number of daily referrals: 5

Staffed by:
Inclusion Manager

SLT ‘on call’ referrals

Persistent FTA for detentions

Verbal abuse to staff (short of swearing)

Walking out of class

Immediate serious referral, e.g. following fight/assault pending exclusion

Lunchtime only referrals booked in advance

No limited periods/modified timetables
SLT / House
Inclusion Area

Core purpose: Removing barriers to being in class and behaviour modification

Staffed by: Inclusion Manager and support.
Post-exclusion meeting and intervention work

Working with students to remove barriers to being in class over a designated time period.

To develop strategies to improve behaviour

In-class support and monitoring of designated students

Small group work

Restorative cases
SLT / House
Student Support Room

Core purpose: Curriculum support and student engagement

Staffed by:
Student Support Leader and a designated Teaching Assistant
Truancy (depending on situation)

Alternative curriculum

Curriculum support

Limited periods (planned – emotional reasons/medical needs/re-engage students)

Limited periods due to behavioural concerns (short-term)

KS4 catch up support
House and SCLs to make referrals through the SLT member responsible for alternative curriculum.
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