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COVID 19 Support & Intervention

Year 11 support - Waves 1-7

We will be providing a full range of support to our Year 11 students during this academic year to provide intervention where gaps in their learning have emerged as a consequence of the lockdown situation. We will be offering a virtual extended school to all students and more specific support to the Ebacc subjects of English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, French and German. It is important to note that based on assessments made since September, the class teachers will decide which individual students are invited to participate in a specific intervention, tailored to their needs. Invited students will be informed as appropriate.  This is in addition to support given to your child by the class teacher in lessons.  Students can, as always, seek specific support with areas of misunderstanding from their class teacher.

Wave 1 -In-class intervention and support

The subject teacher identifies gaps in learning and provides appropriate support and intervention during the standard lessons.

This will be provided on a weekly basis in Ebacc subjects for all Year 11 students. This will involve a diverse range of support including weekly set tasks connected to our current curriculum on Google Classrooms and tasks on other virtual platforms such as GCSE pod, My Maths and Tassomai. These tasks will be important in reinforcing knowledge and allowing students to demonstrate their application of developing skills.

Click here to see an up to date schedule of tasks.

THIS CONTENT IS PASSWORD PROTECTED – please obtain your password from your form tutor.

Wave 3 – Extended school – Period 7 - Small group tuition

Identified Year 11 students will be invited to participate in small group tuition to close specific gaps in their learning from Monday 7th December. The sessions will run from 3:15 until 4:00.

Wave 4 – Extended school - Saturday provision – Small group tuition

Identified Year 11 students will be invited to attend small group tutorials that will run every Saturday from 10:00-1:00, starting Saturday 5th December (lockdown permitting) until June 2021. Individuals may be invited once or a number of times across more than one subject, depending on the identified need.

Wave 5 – Extended school – Holiday provision – Larger group tuition

This will cater for larger groups of students and provide the opportunity to support a larger group of students. We are anticipating we will be able to offer this across a range of subjects for invited students during all the holidays, starting at Christmas.

It is vital that parents/carers support the school over disciplinary matters. Should you have a concern about a detention, please contact the member of staff issuing it to discuss the matter.

Please Note: Notification of a detention is to inform you about it, not to seek approval. The school’s decision on the matter will be final.

Wave 6 – Small group tuition during the school day

We have appointed a number of subject specialists to provide small group intervention during the school day. This will address identified gaps in their learning.

Wave 7 – Individual tuition

We may identify Year 11 students that we believe require individual tuition. This may be provided by our staff in school or beyond the school day or it could be provided by an external tuition company, either face to face or virtually.

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