Psychology is the study of Human behaviour, how and why people behave the way they do in myriad situations, from everyday situations in public, to extreme situations such as Prisons and Psychiatric Wards.


Psychology is quite a unique subject, a mixture of Scientific method with interpretation and analysis of the Humanities. On the course you will learn about different areas of Psychology, such as Social and Biological, as well as applied psychological topics such as Criminal and Health. Learning key research conducted over the years and then applying your knowledge and understanding to novel situations, evaluating its efficacy and how it could help improve areas of our everyday lives.

At Whitby we follow the OCR Specification, which is contains several key components to be studied over the two years.

In Year One we look at 10 core studies of key psychological, from five key areas of Psychology; Social; Biological;

Cognitive; Developmental; Individual Differences.

We also look at the different Research Methods used in the subject, such as Experiments, Observations and Self-Reports and you will spend time conducting your own research to see how these different techniques can be put into practice.

Finally in Year One we go through the key mathematical concepts of the course, through analysis of results, using different averages, ratios, statistical tests and various graph work. 10% of the grades at A-level must be based on Mathematical skills.

In Year Two we look at how three areas of Psychology can be applied to real-life situations. We look at Health, Criminal/Forensic and Child Psychology and examine key research into these topics and how we use these findings to examine important issues in Human behaviour.